Terms of Reference

  • Review current terms related to cartography and propose new terms and updated definitions to current terms as appropriate.
  • Investigate Body of Knowledge for related sciences and consider those parts relevant to CartoBoK.
  • Identify the core knowledge and concepts of Cartography (what a cartographer should know) and associate those in connection with related sciences/disciplines. Involve ICA Commissions in the work.
  • Evaluate and include findings from the revised research agenda and other future trends documents.
  • Present a conceptual model for the organization of CartoBOK at ICC in Florence. Get acceptance of the model to carry on with detailed framing of CartoBoK.
  • Collect, review, and publish individual contributions to the CartoBoK and develop a procedure for updating and refining the CartoBoK to make it a dynamic, living document. This process should be carefully handled by an editor.
  • Keep the Cartographic community updated on the progress in the development of CartoBoK through a web-site. Eventually the Body of knowledge for Cartography will be communicated through this web-site.

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